Manyano Insurance is an independent financial services provider. Our flagship products, the Grocery Funeral Plan and Tombstone Funeral Plan, are South Africa’s first and only funeral covers that reward policyholders on a yearly basis whether they claim or not.

Our Vision

To be the leading innovative and preferred insurer.

Our Mission

To serve our clients and community.

What We Do?

We know that South Africans love saving through stokvels and (burial) societies, which gives them the peace of mind that should they experience a death in the family, they will be taken care of financially. However, that is not the only reason they join stokvels and societies. South Africans, also love to save as groups with the goal of rewarding themselves at the end of the year.

That’s why our products combine the best of both worlds. Through our Grocery Funeral Plan, you are able to cover members of your family, whilst being rewarded with a grocery voucher every 12 months. And with our Tombstone Funeral Plan, you are able to unveil a tombstone every 12 months for a loved that has passed on in previous years.

Why Choose Us?

There’s no joining fee

We provide Stokvel and Funeral Industry solutions

We provide products that are innovative and are affordable

We have covers that can take up to 13 members

We pay valid funeral claims within 48 hours

No waiting period should death be a result of an accident

We have in depth knowledge of our customers and their needs

Some Interesting Facts About Us

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